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Not so perfect driving record and you need an SR22. A certificate of Financial Responsibility is what Dairyland provides for you telling the State of California that you meet the state's minimum liability requirements. 

New License drivers- We have the greatest rates

Gross Polluter Certification
DMV Renewal Smog Test
Out of State Smog Test
Regular California Smog Test

Plan ahead for your Smog test:

If your check engine light is on - Have a mechanic diagnose and make the repairs to clear the light or your will not pass smog. 

Check your gas cap for leaks, make sure when you remove the gas cap, that you hear the pressure release. Prior to taking your car in for the test, make sure your tank is full. 

Drive your car for a half hour to 1 hour. This will warm up your engine so its plenty hot. Check your DMV Renewal notice to see what kind of smog is being requested.  

Ca DMV Smog Requirements

CA DMV Insurance Services

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